The Bronx, NY: The John V. Lindsey Wildcat Academy Culinery Program Grows Veggies at the Green Bronx Machine -Bronx Market Green Machine a Hydroponic (water)Farm

JVL Wildcat Academy

Thanks to Channel One News

The JVL Wildcat Charter School offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about culinary arts.  The culinary internship is designed to teach students basic and advanced techniques in culinary, baking and dining room management. In-depth hands-on training includes knife skills development, health & safety, garnishing skills, culinary technique development, product identification, baking and pastry arts, professional kitchen equipment operation, menu planning and costing, recipe development, team work and catering a multitude of function on premise. Other skills developed consist of resume preparation and writing, speech organization and presentation, time management, dining room operation and management, phone skills, as well as individual and group leadership skills. Butchering of common cuts of meats and seafood preparation is also explored.

The Green Bronx Machine

Green Machine logoJVL-Wildcat-Academy-16-web-590x350Green Bronx Machine a 501 (c0 3 not for profit organization located in the South Bronx. The organization is rooted in the belief that we all are all Amer-i-Cans! Green Bronx Machine was born via collaboration between life-long educator, Stephen Ritz and his students. The program with the John V Lindsey Academy was originally for afterschool and later became a high school. The Green Bronx Machine has evolved into a K-12+ model fully integrated into a core curriculum. Student grow, eat and enjoy their school-grown veggies en route to their spectacular academic performances. 30,000 pounds of vegetable have been grown there. School objectives are: healthy students, high performance schooling, graduates, registered voters, living wages and members of the middle class in America. The work and vision of the school is to produce as organically and locally grown produce as possible — straight from the classroom — deliverable to the Bronx communities!

What is hydroponics?

The Green Bronx Machine

The Team


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